Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, March 29, 2014 Columbia, Maryland

Officers Present: Bob Schmick, President; Marie Wiser, Secretary. David Scull, Atlantic Regional Director and Germanna.

Club Delegates and Members: Betty Davis, Annapolis Amblers; Sue Kenyon, Baltimore Walking Club; Marilynn Willoughy, World Wide Walking; Tom Jackson, Keystone Volkssport Club; Bob Wolfe, Freestate Happy Wanderers; Susan Osbourn, Baltimore Walking Club; John Dye, Columbia; Sandi Cahill, Wash. D.C.

The Meeting was called to order at 12:40 PM by President Bob Schmick who greeted all in attendance.

  1. Reports
    1. Minutes of the December 31, 2013 were accepted with minor changes -- Piedmont continuing to have the Mt. Airy YRE. Carl Frock, spelling change from Karl to Carl, and change in Amblers Terrapin Walk from June 21 to June 28. Marie Wiser moved from Interim to permanent Secretary.
    2. Treasurers Report: Ken Wilson unable to attend. Bob distributed Ken's Financial Statements for Jan., Feb. and through March 8, 2014. Current bank balance is $3,464.71. Ken still sells walk Event books for Five dollars, one dollar less than books selling in other places. Bob will travel to Col. Wilson to pick up event book supplies and New Walker packets. Bob reminded everyone that Event Cards are free. Some clubs are Xeroxing the cards and not including the Release Section of the card. Clubs who need cards/supplies please ask for them, and place orders with Ken and/or Bob who will have them available.
    3. Meet-Up: 470 have signed up to walk. A $72.00 bill for one-half year of Meetup membership will be submit to Ken for reimbursement to Linda Hassell. Please send Linda an email at to be placed on her distribution list for meetup to promote inter-club events.
    4. Web Site: Bob discussed that Jim McDonald is undergoing chemotherapy and he remains positive. Nancy Stenger will be our backup Web site manager, as well as Rich Long continuing to post walk events for the Atlantic Region for as long as he is up to it.
  1. Old Business
    1. Atlantic Regional Conference: Bob said the Lancaster event was a successful collaboration of the entire Pennsylvania clubs. In addition to attendance at the hosted walks, 160 persons walked the local YRE's. Members at today's meeting expressed compliments to Tom on a superb conference. Many walkers enjoyed the local train ride, a great touch of Americana. Sandi Cahill mentioned how the "timing" of walks, workshops, and dinners enabled attendees to enjoy a nice flow between events without rushing. Regional Director David Scull said from a time factor, it was difficult for him to distribute 150 Certificates of Appreciation to club members during the Conference. At today's MVA meeting, David presented numerous awards and will continue to distribute them.
    2. Baltimore Health Fair: This event was well attended on March 1. The location of the Start Table was in the Lobby of the Convention Center. Pharmacy college students made a display about "healthy walking" and they gave a discussion to folks who visited the start tables. Sue Kenyon said that the Baltimore Club will not host the Health Fair in 2015, and another club is welcome to host a walk if they choose.
    3. Memorial Walk for Ron Bowers is scheduled for June 7 in New Freedom, PA. which is @ a mile and a half over the Maryland-Pennsylvania line. Walkers can also choose the NCR No. 6 or participate in a bike event.
  1. New Business
    1. Stephanie Sinclair, newly elected AVA Executive Director, mentions in the March issue of "CheckPoint" the procedure to follow if your club receives a phone call/inquiry from a member of the media is to: "Thank them for their call and ask them to contact6 Aguillon & Associates directly by contacting Melissa Aguillon at 210-254-9160 or"
    2. Bob encourages that clubs post event pictures on AVA's Facebook page. Facebook is a good medium to promote upcoming Events as well.
    3. MVA plans to sanction a walk for Steve Arnett on July 5 at Cedarville State Park. A Pavilion will be rented and there will be a pot luck luncheon. MVA will supply the meat choices. John Carolus is currently designing a brochure. A POC is needed; please contact Bob. Additionally, there will be a tree planted around Steve's community.
    4. It is Maryland's turn for the Atlantic Regional Conference in 2016. Linda Hassell has suggested that Maryland Clubs form a committee to divide the tasks involved with hosting. She has suggested we look into the Maritime Institute, Linthicum, MD as a possible site for lodging, walks, etc. Bob said that in your upcoming Club meetings, please discuss the idea of members joining this committee.
    5. Club Anniversaries. Annapolis Amblers and WWW are celebrating their 25th anniversary and received certificates from AVA headquarters. Freestate will celebrate their 30th anniversary, and the D. C. club will celebrate their 35th anniversary.
    6. Club Insurance. We are covered by the AVA. Clubs can request special coverage for walks on the AVA web site.
    7. On Sunday, April 6, Freestate Happy Wanderers is hosting a group walk at Kinder Park, preceded by breakfast available at the Elks Lodge.
  1. Next MVA Meeting will be on June 28, 2014, Terrapin Park, Stevensville MD.

  2. Club Reports
    1. MVA will host a Memorial Walk for Steve Arnett, July 5, Cedarville (details above in 3 c.).
    2. Annapolis Amblers: Betty Davis said that Annapolis Amblers will host an event on April 12 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Event Terrapin Park on June 28 walk and bikesvolk. Oktoberfest Event West Annapolis on September 21, and December 13, Lighted Boat Parade.
    3. Baltimore Walking Club: Sue Kenyon said BWC will host an event at Darlington (Conowingo Dam) on June 14. The Battle of Baltimore Walk at Dundalk, is set for September 13.
    4. Columbia: John Dye said two officers are switching jobs, the Vice President is now Treasurer and the Treasurer is now Vice President. Event on June 21, McGills Common and event on July 19, Centennial Park. Mike Quinlan is working on something for August.
    5. Greenbelt: No report.
    6. World Wide Walking Club: events have already occurred January 2014.
    7. Freestate: Bob Wolfe said there is ongoing construction at the visitor center at the YRE at Wheaton Regional Park. Sunday, April 6, there will be a breakfast at the Elks Lodge in Severna Park prior to Event at Kinder Park. May 24 Event at Savage Mills to celebrate FHW 30th Anniversary. June 14, a picnic at Mt. Airy. September 6 Event at Montpelier Arts Center to honor 9/11 victims.
    8. Piedmont Pacers: October 4 Event at Church of Ascension, Germantown, MD. Bob said 2014 may be the final year for Piedmont. As their YRE's become due for 2015 sanctioning, other clubs may apply for a new sanction. Piedmont will then return the stamps. There was a general discussion among the attendees regarding which of Piedmont YRE's various clubs would like to take responsibility for. At the June meeting, the clubs will have their final chance to bid for Piedmont YRE's.
    9. Washington DC: Sandi Cahill said there is a new branch manager at the Barrett Branch Library, and by coincidence, his name is James Cahill (no relation). Mr. Cahill will continue to permit walks to start at the Library, and the club has made a donation of $150 to the Friends of the Barrett Branch Library. On April 26, an Event to explore the Hollin Hills area, with Tom Baerwald's home as the start/finish point. Sandi said the night walk series for this year will begin Monday, April 28, at the Barrett Branch Library. Start time is from @ 4:15 until 5:30. The May 19 night walk will start at the Beatley Library on Duke St. June 23, (no July evening walk) August 25 and September 22 evening walks will start at Barrett Branch Library.
    10. Seneca Valley Sugarloafers: The Seneca Club hosted their annual luncheon today and their report was emailed to MVA President Schmick. For next quarter, there are three events scheduled: Seasonal: Kenwood Cherry Blossoms & Spring Flowers, now and continuing through May 16. Germantown Event - April 5 starts at IHOP parking lot, 20009 Century Blvd. Germantown, and Gaithersburg Event - May 3 starts outside Java Junction Coffee Shop, 5 S. Summit Ave. Gaithersburg. The Sugarloafers voted to sanction Frederick and Damascus YREs for 2015.
    11. Tom Jackson said the York White Rose Wanderers would like to take over Fairfield, PA from the Piedmont Pacers, and if no Maryland clubs wants them, they are also willing to take over the two Thurmont YREs and the one in Westminster.
Bob said Phill Wilder is working on an e-flyer giving details of FHW Western Maryland Weekend walks, April 25 through April 27. Plans to walk the YRE in New Germany, and on Sunday, either Frostburg or the C & O Canal.
The Meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Marie Wiser,

Secretary, Maryland Volkssport Association