Maryland Volkssport Association

Monday, December 31, 2012
Columbia, Maryland

Officers Present: President, Bob Schmick; Treasurer, Kenneth Wilson; and Secretary, Steven Arnett.

Club Delegates: Sandra Lynch (WWW), Bob Wolfe (Freestate), Sue Kenyon (BWC), John Dye (Columbia), Sandi Cahill (WDCVC), Marie Wiser (Annapolis), Jone Parr (Sugarloafers), Jerry Baugher (Piedmont Pacers), and Ron Looper (Nominating Committee).

Attendees: Dennis Lynch (Freestate), Carolyn Thurber (Sugarloafers), David Scull (Germania/Atlantic Region Director Candidate), Tom Jackson (KSVA), and Susan Osborn (BWC).

The Meeting was called to order at 12:53 PM by President Bob Schmick following some presentations by the Freestate Club. Bob greeted all in attendance.


Minutes from the October 13, 2012 meeting were approved with one correction for the year of the 2013 AVA Convention (not 2012).

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Ken Wilson presented the monthly balance sheets for September, October, and November. The balance as of December 1st was $1839.35. Ken reminded everyone that today is the end of the quarter, and reports will be due. The Treasurerís Report was accepted.

Web: Bob reported we are hosting six clubs websites on the MVA website including the MVA, WDCVC, WWW, KSVA, Baltimore, and Columbia.


AVA Convention: Clubs need to name their proxy if they are not planning to attend. This needs to be done by February. Bob was voted $500 for Convention expenses as the MVA representative. Facebook: The AVA has joined Facebook, and is requesting members join Facebook, and "like" the AVA. Freestate continues to run their "meet up" on Facebook. A motion to approve $72 for them to continue the "meet up" for the next six months was approved.

AVA to the IVV Americas? The IVV is creating 3 divisions: European, Americas, and Asia. The Americas division is to be Canada, the United States, and Brazil. Bob feels the AVA needs to join the Americas division of the IVV in order to maintain a voice in the IVV, rather than go independent. There will be a vote at the 2013 Convention.

C&O Canal: Two of the walks would qualify as "long distance" events. The participation for the first three quarters was 98.


Election of MVA Officers: The nominating committee reported that the incumbents had all volunteered to run for office. The incumbents were then re-elected unanimously.

Checkpoint: The most recent Checkpoint states that the Biennial Publicity Contest has a deadline of February 1, 2013. Email Chuck Blische at with questions. Bob is forwarding Checkpoint to the Clubs. John Dye requested that items of strong interest be noted.

AVA trail directions are copyrighted, and the copyright symbol must appear on all directions.

Long Distance Events: The policy for these in the IVV do not match with the method these events are handled in the AVA. Discussion of the differences are needed.

Candidate for Atlantic Region Director: David Scull attended this meeting. Bob thanked him for his attendance.

Walk Stamps: Bob recommended Clubs check their event stamps when received, rather than waiting for the day before the event.

Potomac Club Help: Bob asked Clubs to assist the Potomac Club. They no longer have help from the military.

Next MVA Meeting: The next meeting will be Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 1:00 pm in Columbia, MD.


Annapolis Amblers: The Amblers have 4 events planned. The locations will be Heritage Harbor, St. Michaels, Annapolis Octoberfest, and the Annapolis Boat Parade.

Baltimore Walking Club: The annual DuBurns event would be in conflict with the annual Health Fair walk from the Baltimore Convention Center, so it is being delayed to March 2nd.

The Health Fair walk will be held on February 23rd. Several more events will be held during the year.

Columbia: The Club has scheduled their usual 5 county parks walks in 2013 in conjunction with the Howard County Recreation and Parks group. The first will be held at the North Laurel Community Center on April 13th.

Freestate: The Freestate Club thanked all those participating in the annual holiday events marking the end of the old year, and the beginning of the new year. The Bowie GNC has terminated their support for the YRE there, so a new start point is needed.

Greenbelt: No Report

Piedmont Pacers: Current plans for the new year include the annual Augustoberfest in Hagerstown, Octoberfest in Frederick, and an event in Piney Run park.

Potomac River Volksmarching Club: No Report.

Seneca Valley Sugarloafers: The first event of the year will be at Cabin John, with the trail on the C&O Canal on January 19th. Pre-registration is required. The Club will hold their annual cherry blossom Seasonal event from March 15 to May 15. Their next weekend event will be April 27th in Rockville, MD.

Washington DC: The DC Club will continue two YREs, one on The Mall, and the other to the Iwo Jima Memorial. They will continue their annual 5 Night Walks prior to meetings on the third Mondays of April, June, July, August, and September from the Bassett Library in Alexandria, VA. They are planning a Wilson Bridge Walk in September, and their annual Christmas/Scottish Parade walk the first Saturday in December.

WorldWide Walking Club: The Club will have to check with GNC about the status of their YRE checkpoint.

2014 Atlantic Region Conference: Tom Jackson, President of the KSVA, reported that the 2014 conference will be hosted in Lancaster, PA by the KSVA.

The meeting was closed at 2:16 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Steven K. Arnett,

Secretary Maryland Volkssport Association