Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, October 13, 2012
College Park, Maryland

Officers Present: President, Bob Schmick; Treasurer, Kenneth Wilson; and Secretary, Steven Arnett.

Club Delegates: Sandra Lynch (WWW), Bob Wolfe (Freestate), Sue Kenyon (BWC), John Dye (Columbia), Sandi Cahill (WDCAVC),Betty Davis (Annapolis), and Salva Holloman (Greenbelt).

Attendees: Dennis Lynch (WWW) and Lourdes Barcello (Annapolis).

The Meeting was called to order at 12:45 PM by President Bob Schmick.

Bob greeted all in attendance.


Minutes from the June 16, 2012 meeting were approved as printed, and distributed at the meeting.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Ken Wilson presented the monthly balance sheets for June, July, and August. The balance as of October 2nd was $1,506.25. The Treasurer's Report was accepted.

Web: Bob reported we are hosting six clubs on our website including the MVA, WDCVC, WWW, KSVA, Baltimore, and Columbia.


Facebook: Bob wants increased participation, and monitoring of the Volkssport Facebook pages. He wants at least each club president to routinely monitor the meet-up pages. We need to get the word out. He also wants the club fan pages monitored.

YREs: The 2nd Quarter participation total for the MVA YRE events was 3,010.

2012 AVA Convention: The 2013 Convention will be held April 29 to May 5 in Orlando, FL. There was originally an error in the room rates. They were supposed to all be weekly rates.


a . Checkpoint: The most recent Checkpoint contains some NEC motions which will be considered at the next meeting on January 18/19, 2013.

b. The IVV is creating 3 divisions: European, Americas, and Asia. The Americas division is to be Canada, the United States, and Brazil. Bob feels the AVA needs to join the Americas division of the IVV, rather than go independent. There will be a vote at the 2013 Convention. It is unknown what the cost will be. Activity information about Brazil is hard to come by.

c. Trademark: Per the motion carried at the July 2012 NEC meeting, all new walk directions effective 1 January 2013, are to include the copyright symbol and the year "© 2013" on walk map directions. Bob feels this is easy to do, and lends status to AVA’s directives stating that copying is forbidden without permission.

d. The MVA will need a representative at the next AVA Convention to be held from April 29 to May 3/2013 in Orlando, FL at the airport Marriott. Bob Schmick will require funds to assist him in representing us.

e. We need a nominating committee for MVA elections on 12/31/12. The expectation is that Ron Looper will perform this action.

 f. Bob reported that an unknown candidate has volunteered for the next election of an Atlantic Region Director. Additional nominees are welcome.

g. All MVA clubs have completed the AVA financial reports except the Amblers. The Amblers lost their tax exempt status due to the lack of submitting a 990-N. The Club reapplied in November 2011, but the application was sent back for more information.

h. Make sure club members know how to search for events on the events map online, and that all special locations on the trails are indicated in the documentation for the event.

Future MVA Meetings: Monday, December 31, 2012 at 1:00 pm at the Freestate walk in Columbia, MD.


Annapolis Amblers: The Amblers will hold an event on December 8th featuring the annual Annapolis boat parade.

Baltimore Walking Club: The BWC will have an event scheduled for Robert E. Lee Park on October 20th, in Woodberry on November 3rd, and in Hampden on Dec. 28th. In 2013, the annual DuBurns event would be in conflict with the annual Health walk, so it is being delayed to March 2nd. The Health walk will be held on February 23rd.

Columbia: The Club has their final in its series of walks in conjunction with the Howard County Rec and Parks group for this year in Patapsco Park on November 10th in the McKeldin Area. The annual Dye Haus walk will occur on Dec. 10th.

Freestate: The Freestate Club will be holding their 25th anniversary end of year event, and is ordering special glasses for the award. They will have a Maryland heritage theme for events in 2013. They are planning something for the Eastern Shore in 2013.

Greenbelt: The Greenbelt Club is planning an event at the Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, and for a new YRE in 2013.

Piedmont Pacers: No Report.

Potomac River Volksmarching Club: No Report.

Seneca Valley Sugarloafers: Diane White is the new club president. The Seneca Club has events scheduled for Lake Frank/Meadowside in Rockville with the start at Caribou Coffee on Oct 27th, and in Black Hill Regional Park on Nov. 17th. This is the Club’s 25th anniversary , and gifts are being given at all events. A seasonal event will occur in Kensington from Dec 6th - 30th featuring the Mormon Temple.The Club already has several events scheduled for 2013 including the C&O Canal at Cabin John on January 19th, and April 27th in Rockville, and May 18th in Kensington. They also have events scheduled for Rockville on July 27th and October 26th, as well as their Seneca Creek State Park walk on November 16th.

Washington DC: The DC Club has completed its Monday night walks for this year. Thank you for your participation. The Club will hold the traditional December 1st Alexandria Scottish Walk.

WorldWide Walking Club: The Club is discussing a possible walk at Harper’s Ferry for 2013. The WWW club has no events scheduled in 2012.

The meeting was closed at 1:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Steven K. Arnett,

Secretary Maryland Volkssport Association