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Maryland Volkssport Association Meetings and Minutes

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The name of this corporation shall be the Maryland Volkssport Association, Incorporated. The name is abbreviated "MVA".

  1. The MVA is organized and incorporated in the state of Maryland to operate as a not-for-profit corporation under the provisions of Section 501(C)(4) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The registered office of the MVA is in the state of Maryland.

  2. The MVA shall make donations, when funds on hand are considered by the Executive Committee to be excess to actual or potential operational needs, to not-for-profit organizations, but in particular to those which also support the purposes and goals of volkssporting. The division, if any, of the amount identified by the Executive Committee and the recipient(s) of a donation shall be decided by vote of eligible members present and voting at a membership meeting.
  1. The MVA is a member of the American Volkssport Association, Inc. ("AVA"). The AVA is in turn a member of the Internationaler Volkssportverband e. V. (IVV) [International Federation of Popular Sports].

  2. The MVA shall operate in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws and Policy Manual of the AVA.

Section 1. PURPOSES

  1. The MVA shall act as an official representative, and foster the purposes, of the IVV and AVA within Maryland. The key purpose of the MVA is to promote the continuation and expansion of volkssporting. Volkssporting involves sponsoring, promoting, conducting, and participating in events which are noncompetitive, for all ages, conducive to the Health, Fun, Fitness, and Fellowship of participants. Lifetime volkssports include: walking, jogging/ running, swimming, bicycling, cross-country skiing, and other events (e.g., roller and ice skating) as may be sanctioned by the MVA/AVA/IVV.

  2. The MVA shall work closely with the Atlantic Region Director of the AVA to ensure that the rules, regulations and policies of the IVV and AVA are followed by MVA clubs.

  3. The MVA shall promote volkssporting primarily throughout the state of Maryland. The MVA or its members may also conduct volksevents outside Maryland, and when doing so shall operate according to policy contained in the List of Policy Decisions maintained by the MVA Secretary.

Section 2. GOALS

  1. The MVA may be the sponsor and organizer of volksevents, but its primary goal is to promote the conduct of such events by member clubs.

  2. The goals of the MVA include: increasing public awareness of volkssports through publicity; increasing the number of participants in events; encouraging and aiding the formation of volkssport clubs, especially in new areas; increasing/ maintaining/facilitating communications among members and affiliate clubs; and, providing a conduit for member clubs to have "one voice" to address issues with the Atlantic Region Director and/or the National Headquarters of the AVA, and with other state organizations. The MVA shall also interact with other groups or organizations in Maryland whose purposes are compatible with those of the MVA.

  3. The MVA shall conduct its activities so as to be responsive to the needs of persons without regard to politics, race, religion, sex, age, national or cultural origin, place of residence, economic circumstances, lifestyle, or social status. The MVA encourages the functionally differently abled to participate in volksevents to the best of their abilities and within the constraints of the type or location of event.

Section 3. DUTIES

  1. The duties of the MVA shall be as described in the Bylaws of the AVA or as agreed by votes of regular and affiliate clubs at MVA meetings. Any such latter agreed duties subsequently shall either be specified in the MVA Bylaws through an amendment thereto or in the List of Policy Decisions maintained by the MVA Secretary.

  2. The AVA Bylaws mandate that the MVA shall be responsible to the Region Director for the following:

    1. Coordinating and carrying forward the AVA program of activities within the state;

    2. Maintaining liaison among AVA members chartered within the state to the appropriate Region Director, the National Executive Council, and the AVA National Headquarters;

    3. Reviewing applications from prospective members and recommending action on chartering same to the Region Director;

    4. Approving volkssport event dates for AVA members within the state, in conjunction with the Region Director;

    5. Reviewing After-Action Reports and Monthly Delinquency Reports and following up to ensure that all reports have been submitted and debts have been paid to the AVA;

    6. Implementing disciplinary action against AVA members in the state for violations of AVA or IVV rules;

    7. Promoting development of new members by visiting, corresponding with, and making presentations to interested groups; and

    8. Developing and implementing programs, with the assistance of the AVA, for the mutual benefit of the AVA, IVV and members within the MVA.

  3. The MVA shall hold regular, scheduled meetings to conduct its business and to approve actions by the elected officers, approved representatives and appointed committees.

Section 1. MEMBERS

  1. The MVA has three categories of members: Regular, Affiliate and Honorary.

    1. Regular: All AVA-chartered volkssport clubs in good standing within Maryland are regular members of the MVA, and are accepted as such when chartered by the AVA without a vote by the MVA.

    2. Affiliate: Any AVA-chartered club in the Atlantic Region which does not have its own state association may become an affiliate member of the MVA. To become a member, the authorized club representative shall submit a formal written request to join to the MVA Executive Committee, which in turn presents it for a vote at a regular MVA meeting.

    3. Honorary: Organizations, groups or individuals that by example, status or action have promoted the purposes, goals and/or programs of the MVA may become honorary members. An MVA officer or regular member may propose an organization, group or individual for honorary membership, which may be granted by a majority vote at a regular MVA meeting. The serving Atlantic Region Director is an honorary member.

  2. The MVA Secretary shall maintain the official list of members by category.

  3. Regular and affiliate members have full rights and privileges in the MVA as contained in these Bylaws or the Secretary's List of Policy Decisions. An honorary member may not be the sole sponsor of an MVA-sanctioned event and shall have no vote on matters before the MVA but otherwise may participate in association meetings and volkssport events.

  4. Regular and affiliate member clubs also may be categorized as "active" or "inactive." An active club is one that sponsors at least one volksevent every year. An inactive club is one that maintains the minimum requirements for AVA membership but has not sponsored or conducted an event in one calendar year.


  1. MVA members shall subscribe to and adhere to these Bylaws and to MVA policy decisions.

  2. Each regular and affiliate member club shall provide the MVA Secretary a list containing its designated Club Representative and no more than two Alternates not later than January 31 of each year. This duty to keep the Secretary current on representatives to ensure proper voting identification at MVA meetings is in addition to the requirement to provide the Secretary with a list of elected club officers or other points of contact, and changes thereto.

  3. Regular and affiliate clubs shall exercise one vote each on matters presented for vote at MVA meetings. Honorary members have no vote on MVA business matters. Member and affiliate clubs each shall send one voting representative to all regular MVA meetings. Other club members may also attend regular MVA meetings. Club representatives, alternates or other members may be invited or welcomed to any Special Meeting as determined by the MVA President.

  4. Members are required to pay dues and/or fees as established by vote of the MVA and included in these Bylaws or the List of Policy Decisions. Dues, fees paid, and any other income to the MVA shall be used to promote the purposes and goals of the MVA, pay expenses incurred in the normal administration of the MVA, establish and maintain a reasonable reserve, and make charitable donations. The penalty for excessive or long-term non-payment of dues/fees shall be the withholding of future Event Sanction(s), at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  5. The regular and affiliate members shall elect the officers of the MVA.

  6. The regular and affiliate members shall review and approve by vote at regular MVA meetings: (1) actions taken by the Executive Committee, or elected officers; (2) financial statements; and (3) other officers, and committees' reports.


  1. A membership may be terminated at any time by reason of any of the following:

    1. Dissolution of the club or organization. The dissolving club or organization shall notify the MVA in writing and satisfy any financial obligations.

    2. Failure to maintain qualifications for AVA membership. If AVA membership is terminated, MVA membership automatically is terminated.

    3. Written resignation to the MVA President. All outstanding obligations to the MVA shall be satisfied before the resignation is accepted.

    4. Long-standing failure to satisfy outstanding obligations and/or long-standing non-adherence to IVV, AVA, or MVA rules and regulations. The MVA President shall propose any termination for these particular causes and it shall become effective following a two-thirds vote of all regular and affiliate MVA member clubs in good standing, with voting by mail if necessary.

  2. A member may be re-instated by satisfying any outstanding obligations and/or correcting any other deficiencies and then applying for membership in writing to the Executive Committee, which will bring the matter to a vote at a regular meeting.

  3. An inactive volkssport club in the MVA that maintains the minimum requirements for AVA membership remains a member of the MVA.


  1. The elected officers of the MVA shall be:

    1. President
    2. Executive Vice President
    3. Vice President For Publicity And Public Relations
    4. Secretary
    5. Treasurer

  2. The officers shall serve without pay or other remuneration, and at the members, pleasure.

  3. The term of elected office shall be two years, and begin on January 1st of odd numbered years. Officers may be reelected for consecutive terms.

  4. The elected officers shall comprise the Executive Committee.


  1. Each elected officer of the MVA shall be a member in good standing of a Regular Member club of the MVA. He/She shall have been a member of that club for at least the six months prior to assuming MVA office. The MVA officer may not also be the member club's representative for voting or quorum purposes at MVA meetings.

  2. These qualifications apply also to any person appointed by the MVA President to fill a vacated office. A vacated office may be filled by appointment without a membership vote only for remaining terms of less than ten (10) months.


  1. The biennial election of MVA officers shall be at a regular meeting in November or December of each even-numbered year.

  2. Candidates for election to MVA offices shall be solicited by a Nominating Committee formed by the President no less than ninety (90) days before the impending election in even numbered years.

  3. Election shall be by vote of regular and affiliate members present and voting. Abstentions are not counted, and proxies shall not be allowed.

  4. When there is only one nominee for an office, the MVA secretary shall cast the unanimous ballot for that nominee.

  5. If there is no nominee on the slate for an office, the President may solicit nominations from the floor. The President may do so at each successive meeting until the office is filled.

  6. The outgoing officer(s) shall turn over to the incoming officer(s) all official materials relating to fulfilling the elected office not later than thirty (30) days after vacating the office.


Any elected MVA officer may be removed from office and membership in the Executive Committee by a recall motion instituted by any regular member club. The motion must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee and be endorsed by two members of the Executive Committee and at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the regular, active club members. The motion will be voted on at either a regular or special MVA meeting.


  1. The Executive Committee shall conduct the day-to-day business of the MVA, recommend policies and programs, and report to the membership at regular meetings. The specific duties of the elected officers of the MVA shall be as indicated by their titles, in Robert's Rules of Order, and as specified in these Bylaws and the List of Policy Decisions.

  2. Duties of the MVA President include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Being the principal executive officer of the MVA, but subject to membership approval, supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the MVA;

    2. Chairing regular and special meetings of the MVA membership;

    3. Chairing Executive Committee meetings;

    4. Representing the MVA at meetings of other organizations;

    5. Approving all sanction requests for volksevents to be held in Maryland;

    6. Working closely with the Atlantic Region Director of the AVA to conduct day-to-day volkssport related business and affairs, such as those associated with event sanctioning and the furthering of MVA and AVA goals;

    7. Interacting with other AVA state associations or appropriate representatives;

    8. Calling special meetings of the MVA, the Executive Committee, and appointed committees;

    9. Establishing and appointing chairs of standing and ad hoc committees;

    10. Serving as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee;

    11. Filling MVA officer and committee chair positions becoming vacant in mid-term. Appointments to fill terms of more than ten (10) months shall be approved by membership vote; and

    12. Appointing a representative from the membership to attend a specified meeting as the MVA representative, or perform a specific duty, if unable to act or attend a meeting, and it is not appropriate for the Executive Vice President or other officer to stand in. The appointed representative is subject to the same restrictions as contained in these Bylaws as the President.

  3. Duties of the MVA Executive Vice President include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Acting in the stead of the President when he/she is not present to preside at meetings, or represent the MVA at other organizations meetings;

    2. Assuming the office of President for the remaining term if vacated by the incumbent;

    3. Serving as the chairperson for MVA-sponsored volksevents;

    4. Serving as the chairperson for new volkssport club development;

    5. Serving as the chairperson of the Bylaws Committee; and

    6. Attend regular and special meetings of the MVA and provide reports as appropriate.

  4. Duties of the Vice President for Publicity and Public Relations include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Serving as chairperson of the Publicity and Public Relations Committee.

    2. Attending regular and special meetings of the MVA and provide reports as appropriate.

    3. In the absence of the President and Executive Vice President, the Vice President for Publicity and Public Relations shall call a regular meeting to order and preside over the immediate election of a Chairman Pro Tem.

  5. Duties of the Secretary include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Keeping records of attendance and proceedings at: regular membership, Executive Committee, and special meetings;

    2. Providing copies of minutes of meetings in a timely manner to MVA officers and regular and affiliate club members;

    3. Maintaining a permanent file of MVA official records, correspondence and reports;

    4. Preparing and conducting official correspondence for the MVA;

    5. Maintaining the official list of MVA officers and members; of regular and affiliate club elected officers and other points-of-contact; designated, voting representatives of regular and affiliate clubs; and changes thereto. Call the roll of members when required at meetings.

    6. Maintaining a list of MVA committees, their Chair, and their members;

    7. Maintaining the MVA's List of Policy Decisions, which shall be the official summary of all operational, administrative, financial or other policies accepted, amended or dropped by vote at regular membership meetings, but not included in the By-Laws. The list shall include the date of the meeting. An up-to-date copy of the list shall be provided to each MVA officer and member club each January, and whenever requested;

    8. Sending out notices of regular and special meetings, as appropriate, and including the agenda when possible; conducting by-mail votes when necessary;

    9. In the absence of the President, Executive Vice President, and Vice President for Publicity and Public Relations, the Secretary shall call a regular meeting to order and preside over the immediate election of a Chairman Pro Tem.

  6. Duties of the Treasurer include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Establishing and administering appropriate accounts with banking institutions on behalf of the MVA;

    2. Keeping custody of all association monies and funds; receiving all dues, fees or other monies as may be owed to the MVA;

    3. making disbursements as appropriate and authorized by the Executive Committee and/or the membership;

    4. Maintaining a permanent file of proper financial records, correspondence and reports; preparing and forwarding accurate and complete reports to AVA, the Internal Revenue Service, and to the Maryland Income Tax Division as may be required.

    5. Providing financial reports at each regular MVA meeting; providing an Annual Report, and a Proposed Annual Budget to the Executive Committee and then to the Membership for review and approval.

Section 1. GENERAL

  1. The MVA President shall establish standing and ad hoc committees for specific purposes. The President shall designate the committee chairpersons. The other members of a committee may be appointed, be volunteers or be recruited from the MVA body.

  2. The committee chairperson, or a committee representative duly announced prior to the meeting to the Secretary, shall attend all regular MVA membership meetings and present reports on the committee's progress. The committee chair or representative shall have no vote on MVA matters, and may vote only if he/she is the qualified club representative.

  3. The committee chair or representative shall report to the Executive Committee, when requested.

  4. The MVA President shall maintain the following Standing Committees:

    1. Bylaws
    2. Audit
    3. Publicity And Public Relations
    4. Future of the Sport
    5. Trailmaster

  5. The MVA President shall establish the following and other Ad Hoc committees as needed:

    1. Event
    2. Nominating

  6. Each committee responsible for handling association assets (monies, supplies, awards, etc.) shall maintain a running inventory of those assets to show their disposition and account for any disbursements. The status of any inventory will be included in any report to the Executive Committee or Membership.


  1. Bylaws

    1. The Bylaws Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Vice President and have at least two members from the MVA membership.

    2. The committee shall perform a review of these Bylaws and List of Policy Decisions immediately following each biennial election of officers, and at other times when requested by the President, the Membership, or by a member through the President.

    3. The result of a review, whether it be a recommendation for no change(s) or for some change(s), shall be reported to the Executive Committee. After that committee has evaluated the recommendation, the Chair will present the recommendation and any Executive Committee comments to the Membership at an appropriate meeting. If the recommendation is for no change, no vote is required to continue the Bylaws in force as constituted, including previous amendments. If a change is recommended, a vote by the membership will be scheduled allowing for a suitable period of time for the membership to study and arrive at an opinion on the proposed change(s).

    4. Any approved changes shall become effective on the date of the vote, or as specified in the motion to accept changes.

  2. Audit

    1. The Audit Committee shall consist of three members from the MVA membership, including the Chair.

    2. The Audit Committee shall conduct financial audits with accepted business practices in the first quarter of every odd-numbered year. The Audit Committee shall also perform audits of any physical assets of the MVA.

    3. The committee chair, or one of the committee members designated by the chair and reported to the Secretary, shall present written and oral reports to the Executive Committee and to the Membership of the various audits performed.

  3. Publicity and Public Relations

    1. The Publicity and Public Relations Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President for Publicity and Public Relations and consist of at least one other member.

    2. The committee shall produce MVA publicity brochures and information packages, and develop programs such as a list of speakers who will go to meetings of other organizations to explain volkssports.

    3. The committee chairman or designated representatives shall attend and/or conduct workshops for member clubs.

    4. This committee, working with the Future of the Sport Committee, shall develop data that will assist in the formation of new club development.

  4. Future of the Sport

    1. The appointed chairperson and other members of this committee will assist, as required, the Publicity and Public Relations committee.

    2. This committee shall assist in new club development.

    3. This committee shall develop statistics on volkssporting in the MVA's area, such as number of events per year, number of participants by categories, and provide information on growth or lack thereof.

      The MVA Treasurer will provide the chairperson with a quarterly report of the number of events (both regular and YRE/seasonal) and the number of participants, by category.

      The Chairperson may ask the MVA Treasurer ot provide specific statistical data at other times.

  5. Trailmaster

    1. The President shall appoint the chair of this committee, which shall comprise a body of volunteers of experienced trailmasters.

    2. The purpose of this committee is to contribute specialized knowledge to further the health of the sport.

    3. This committee shall provide advice and assistance on request to clubs on all of the functions of a trailmaster. The committee shall be available to provide critiques, privately or otherwise, to clubs after events.


  1. Event

    1. The Executive Vice President shall chair this committee, which will include members of the Future of the Sport Committee, and shall be responsible for all aspects of any MVA-sponsored volksevent.

    2. The members of this committee shall include representatives from organizations from the area in which an event shall be conducted, with the purpose of generating interest in forming a new volkssport club in that area.

  2. Nominating

    1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least ninety (90) days prior to the biennial election of MVA officers in November or December of each even-numbered year.

    2. The committee shall consist of at least three MVA members, each from a different member club. The President shall designate one of the selectees to be chairperson.

    3. The chairperson shall provide a slate of officers to the Executive Committee so that the Secretary can ensure its publication at least thirty (30) days before the scheduled vote.

Section 1. GENERAL

  1. The MVA shall hold meetings for various purposes, including conducting MVA business; receiving reports; initiating or reviewing and approving actions/decisions by responsible agents of the association; conducting votes and elections; and, approving financial statements.

  2. The types of MVA meetings include: Executive, Membership, Special, standing, and ad hoc committees.

  3. The President, or stand-in as determined according to these Bylaws, presides at Executive Committee, Membership and Special meetings. In the event that a Chairman Pro Tem is required for a membership meeting, any attendee may be nominated and elected to preside at that meeting. The appointed Chair of standing and ad hoc committees presides at those committee meetings.

  4. Notification of any meeting may be made by mail, telephone or in person. Such notification shall be as timely as possible, except that notices of regular membership meetings shall be made at least fourteen (14) days in advance. All notifications shall include the date, time, place and the agenda.

  5. Meetings shall be conducted according to convention or, if for formal business purposes, the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

  6. Any regular meeting is open to all who wish to attend. Special meetings may be closed and limited to specified participants, as determined by the MVA President.

  7. All decisions rendered by a valid vote at regular meetings are binding on all members of the MVA. Votes at Executive Committee, other committees, or special meetings are subject to approval by vote at regular MVA meetings.

  8. A serving MVA officer may not be a club representative, either for quorum or voting purposes.


  1. The Executive Committee shall meet whenever called by the President, but no less than twice per year. The President may call these meetings as deemed necessary or requested by another officer, committee chair or other MVA member.

  2. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be attended by the elected officers of the MVA. The President may invite or agree to the invitation of others to attend Executive Committee meetings.

  3. This committee manages and controls the day-to-day business and affairs of the MVA; develops and recommends to the membership policies, programs and budgets; oversees expenditures; and, provides advice to the MVA President.


  1. Regular membership meetings of the MVA shall be held no less than twice per year and according to a schedule proposed by the President and accepted by the membership. This schedule shall include one meeting in November or December of each even numbered year for the purpose of conducting elections for MVA offices.

  2. The elected MVA officers, appointed committee chairpersons and representatives of each member of the MVA shall attend these meetings. These meetings also are open to all interested persons, who may participate in discussions but not vote on official business.

  3. Regular membership meetings are held to conduct business or approve action(s) taken by MVA officers, either as individuals or as the Executive Committee, or other MVA committees; conduct elections in November or December of each even-numbered year; approve committee reports; and approve financial statements and budgets.


  1. Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President, as often as needed to conduct business that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting. Special meetings shall be for a particular purpose, as stated in the notification, but may replace the next regular meeting if all pending business is conductedin addition to the stated purpose.

  2. Special meetings do not have to be open meetings. The President shall determine the attendees at special meetings, and may limit attendance according to the stated purpose. If the meeting is closed, it will not replace the next scheduled regular meeting.

  3. Any MVA member may request that the President call a Special Meeting.


Standing and ad hoc committees meet as necessary to conduct their stated business. The Chairperson determines when and where the committee will meet.

Section 6. QUORUMS

The quorum for the conduct of official business at the various meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Executive Committee: three-fourths (3/4) of the officers.

  2. Membership Meeting: one-fourth (1/4) of the regular and affiliate clubs on the MVA Secretary's list and further identified as active members.

  3. Special Meetings: one-fourth (1/4) of the membership, or of the invited attendees.

  4. Standing and Ad Hoc committees: none required.

Section 7. VOTING

  1. All votes shall be decided by simple majority of eligible voters present and voting, except as specified otherwise in these bylaws.

  2. Those eligible to vote are:

    1. Executive Committee: Each officer has one vote. In the case of a tie, the President prevails.

    2. Membership Meeting: Each regular and affiliate club has one vote, to be exercised by a single, designated representative. MVA officers have no vote at membership meetings, except that the President shall vote to break a tie.

    3. Special Meeting: Same as for regular membership meetings, unless agreed otherwise by the attendees.

    4. Standing and Ad Hoc committees: Each member has one vote. In the case of a tie, the chairperson prevails.

  3. No proxies are allowed at any MVA meeting, nor are abstentions counted. No voting by mail is allowed except as specified in Article V, Section 3.A.4 of these Bylaws.

  4. Motions which are defeated at MVA meetings may be reconsidered after one hundred eighty (180) days.


  1. The MVA shall be represented at the AVA biennial convention by the MVA President. If the president cannot attend, the other MVA officers shall be polled according to the established order. If no officer can attend, then the membership shall select the MVA representative. The MVA representative may also be a club officer and/or representative.

  2. The MVA membership may designate how the MVA vote on any matter put to the AVA membership is to be cast, leave decisions to the representatives discretion, or provide a mix of directions.

  3. The MVA representative shall be the carrier of the proxy of any MVA club which will not have its own particular representative at the convention. A request for proxy authorization shall be made by the MVA president at the membership meeting preceding the AVA Convention by at least two months.

  1. Notice of the intent to dissolve the association shall be made in writing to all members at least sixty (60) days prior to a regular membership meeting.

  2. Members shall vote on the proposed dissolution after it is presented as a motion that includes an effective date at a regular membership meeting.

  3. All association liabilities shall be satisfied prior to the effective date of the dissolution. Any excess funds or physical assets shall be distributed to the AVA.

The MVA Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the membership by a two-thirds majority vote of the Members present and voting.

  1. These Bylaws replace all previous Bylaws and amendments thereto in their entireties.

  2. These revised Bylaws become effective on June lst, 2007.

APPROVED, the 21st day of April, 2007 at a meeting of the Maryland Volkssport Association; 12 members attending and voting.

Robert Schmick - President
Steve Arnett - Secretary
2020 2019 2018
1st Quarter College Park Laurel
2nd Quarter Cedarville State Park Severna Park
3rd Quarter Frederick Catonsville
4th Quarter Savage Savage