Maryland Volkssport Association

Saturday, March 23, 2019, Greenbelt, Maryland

1.Greeting.   The meeting convened at 12:05 p.m., and Bob Schmick greeted those in attendance.


Bob Schmick, MVA President; Darrell Neily, MVA Treasurer; Sandy Lynch, MVA Vice President; Marie Wiser, MVA Secretary.

Bob Wolfe, Freestate; Yvonne Pennington, Greenbelt; John Dye, Columbia; Jim Farley, Baltimore; Tony Laing, Seneca; Jim Neville, Antietam.

Guests:  Sandi Cahill, Paul Lubell, Jone Parr and Carolyn Thurber.

2.  Reports.  

a. Minutes.   Copies of the December 2018 Minutes were distributed, as well as previously posted on our MVA web.  Thank you, Yvonne.   Marie said there are two changes:

The PayPal account for Seneca should be 

The Antietam Pathfinders have 3 new YREs for 2019: 

Hagerstown Valley Mall, Sharpsburg town walk and Gambrill State Park.  

And two continuing YREs: Sharpsburg-Antietam battlefield and Williamsport-C&O Canal.

The Minutes were approved as submitted.

 b. Treasurers Report. Darrell Neily distributed copies of the current Treasurers Report. The report is attached hereto. Also, a motion to accept the report was passed.



Darrell told the group that in previous years, MVA has contributed for a partial reimbursement for President Bob Schmick’s expenses associated with his representation at AVA Convention.   The previous amount has been five hundred dollars.   A discussion was had regarding this amount.   A motion was presented to reimburse Bob five hundred dollars, and the motion was passed.  

Darrell said he tried the AVA’s new system offered by AVA to accept and process scanned Event/Distance books.   He scanned the pages and emailed them to Karen at AVA National Office.   Note:   this feature is available to Associate or Lifetime Members of AVA.  Darrell was pleased with this new system.


c.  Web Master.  Bob told the group that the MVA received a thank you note from the McDonald family for our expressions of sympathy.   Jim touched many of our hearts and contributed his voluntary services to our sport and as our Webmaster.

Yvonne Pennington, our new MVA Webmaster, has worked countless hours on the website, and was successful in posting the December 2018 minutes.     She asked us to view the site and please give her feedback to anything you see that needs updating.    Thank you, Yvonne for stepping into this mine field……

3.Continuing Business.

    a.  AVA Convention, Albany.  Bob told those attending and Club Presidents to encourage their members to attend.    See details in the CheckPoint and on the AVA Website.    Regions and clubs that border, or are located near Route 95 are encouraged to promote their YRE’S so Convention Attendees can visit and walk.  

    b. Facebook and Meetup.   As of today, March 23, 2019, there are 1,061 meetup walkers.   Bob requested clubs please post your traditional events on your Facebook page.   Currently, the following clubs are promoting walks on their club Facebook page:   Seneca; Antietam; Greenbelt and Annapolis.


4.New Business.

a.  Checkpoint.   Club Presidents, please forward AVA Checkpoint to your members.

b.  Big Give.    MVA has contributed $250.00 to AVA’s Big Give campaign.  Annapolis Amblers have contributed $100.00.    Club Presidents, please ask your club to make a donation to the AVA.   Last year, the Big Give raised $74,900.00, which is approximately ten percent of total operating costs.

c.  Convention Delegates.  Bob told everyone that each club gets to vote for issues, with your representative present at convention, or by a proxy vote.   If your club does not have a representative, please let Bob know which issues (forwarded to clubs by AVA) you wish Bob to cast a vote on.

d.  Group Works

       Club use of Groupworks Recommended but Not Required.  The AVA Executive Director arranged for the creation of GroupWorks club accounts for all AVA clubs as well as for GroupWorks leader accounts for the club officers. Club usage of these accounts is not required but strongly encouraged.

       GroupWorks Features.  GroupWorks includes lots of useful features to help clubs maintain contact with their members that include:

       A Club Calendar. Designated Club “Leaders” are permitted to enter club events (upcoming group walks, meetings, parties).

       Club Event Reminders.  Club Leaders may setup the automatic e-mail reminders to all club members of upcoming events

       Club Blog/Facebook-like Posting Service.  All members may post information on the club’s Groupworks posting service. Posting by non-leader members does not result in an email notification being sent out to call all members. Individual members are permitted to configure the frequency at which they are notified of new posts (Daily, every 3 days, weekly, never). Club leaders may choose to have all, or selected members be automatically notified of their postings.

       Collection of club dues, event fees, etc. via Credit Card.  Once set up, GroupWorks supports a club’s collection of money from members by way of the member entering an online payment via credit card (not PayPal). Members pay for the transaction fee.

       Support for the AVA Organization Hierarchy.  Club leaders are also “GroupWorks members” of their State Association (if any), their Region, and the AVA.

       More Integration of AVA Online Features with GroupWorks is under Investigation. The GroupWorks event calendar feature is best used for now for club group walks, parties, meetings, etc. Possible support in the future for:

       TE’s in Club Calendars - The automatic appearance of event info for a club’s approved Traditional Events in the club’s GroupWorks calendar.

       Single Login for Club Leaders - A direct connection/link to AVA ESR system from GroupWorks without having to login again on the AVA ESR system for club officers.

       Single Login Club Member - A direct connection/link to a member’s AVA account without logging in again.


5.  Club Reports.   Bob said to please continue to post your Event brochures on the MVA Web, and display brochures at each event.

a.   Antietam.   Jim Neville said the Antietam club will sponsor the Augustoberfest Event on August 17.   Also, there may be a change in the start point for the Hagerstown Valley Mall Walk.   Any change will be posted on the MVA and AVA web.  Several group walks are planned:   Sunday April 7 at Norlo Park with the Cumblerland Valley Webfooters.   Additional dates and locations to be determined.

b.   Annapolis.  Bob Schmick said that on Saturday, April 20, 2019, the Amblers will celebrate Thirty years of walking.   The event will start at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, 801 Chase Street, Annapolis MD.   We are recreating the 1989 event which also started at Maryland Hall.  On June 8, the club hosts an event at Piney Orchard, which will take place with the Street Festival. 

c.  Baltimore.  Jim Farley said that on March 30, 2019, Baltimore will host an event starting at Future Care, an 11k along the Harbor East to the Inner Harbor and a 10k through Patterson Park.  Also, Baltimore will host a walk and bike favorite – Conowingo Dam, on October 26, 2019.   The grill master, Bob Schmick will provide culinary delights for all.  

d. Columbia.  Paul Lubell said on April 6, 2019, the club will host an event at Rockburn.  Columbia will also host an event on July 20 at Long Beach, and on August 24 at Bandair.    Date to be determined for an event this Fall at the Howard County Farm Museum.

e. Greenbelt.   Yvonne Pennington thanked everyone for attending today’s event at College Park Airport.    Sunday, March 30, is the City of Greenbelt’s Anniversary, and the walk club will participate.

The club will host their evening walks during May, July, August and September.  Each walk is a different trail.

f. Freestate.   Bob Wolfe said that beginning on April 1, the club will sponsor the seasonal St. Mary’s walk.

On April 12, Freestate will join with York White Rose Wanders who are on a bus trip, for walks in Cambridge and at Chesapeake Beach.  

On April 27, the club will host an Event at Montpelier

On June 1, the club will host an event at Kinder Park, celebrating Trails Day.  

f. Seneca.   Tony Laing said the club is sponsoring the following events: 

Jan 19 - C&O Canal at Carderock (Cancelled due to Federal Government shutdown - $120 permit not yet returned).   POC:  Jone Parr, Carolyn Thurber, Maribeth Evans.

April 13 – Glenview Mansion and Croydon Creek, Rockville, MD.     POC:  Jeff Giddings.

Sep 28 – Oktoberfest, Frederick MD.     POC:   Jone Parr & Alison Andrews.

Oct 12 – Muddy Branch Greenway Trail, Gaithersburg MD.      POC:   Jone Parr.             

Nov 16 – Moonlight Walk Seneca Creek State Park, Gaithersburg MD.     POC:  Tony Laing & Jone Parr

A presentation was given at Asbury Methodist Village on March 7, and approximately 35 attended.  We are hopeful some will join us for a walk. 

Annual Meeting was held on March 10, and incumbent officers were reelected.

April 6 Bus Trip to Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, VA.

6.  YRE’s.   Club Presidents:   Please remind your POCs to walk their trails and check directions.

7.   Ken Wilson.  The following is information provided by Sandi Cahill about MVA’s former Treasurer, Col. Ken Wilson:

Sandi Cahill announced that Col. Ken Wilson will be 91 years old on April 8.  He said calls, cards, and visits are great morale boosts.  He appreciates hearing from any walkers.  Let’s send him greetings.  His mail goes to his daughter’s address:  Col. Kenneth R. Wilson, 14016 Castaway Drive, Rockville, MD  20853.

His phone number is 301 968-4375.  It is best to call at 6:30 pm or 8:00 pm.  Please let it ring long enough for him to get to the phone and speak loud enough to be heard over the television.

If you would like to visit, it is best to call the evening before your visit to remind him.  You could also call the staff at 301 968-1800 and they will remind him.  Be sure to ask for Colonel Wilson.  He wants staff to use his rank in addressing him.  The facility address is:  Sunrise at Fox Hill, 8300 Burnett Rd., Bethesda, MD.

 8.  Next Meeting will be June 6/29 at Cedarville State Forest. Also, the Park has a $3.00 entrance fee. Please remember the state offers a $10 Lifetime Pass to entrance all Maryland Parks for anyone over 62.   We will have a picnic, and further information will be provided.  

Bob thanked everyone for attending and the meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m.