Freestate Hall of Fame


50 States and 51 Capitals Patches, Don Conway displays the patches on his Achievement Jacket,

Dot Marshall and AVA Exec Director Stephanie Sinclair, Sue Filipovits and her certificate, Ken Wilson has bagged 50 States five times, Linda and Bill Hassell complete 51 Capitals

50 States/51 Capitals
Club Member 50th State Walked Year 51st Capital Walked Year
Carl Baranski Utah 1987
Butch Barrows Hawaii 1998
Charlene Barrows Hawaii 1998
Bill Brabant Hawaii 1997
Bob Caldwell Alaska 1998
Don Conway Alaska 2004 Austin, TX 2006
Evalee Dumas Hawaii 2010
Sue Filipovits Colorado 1996
Bill Hassell Wyoming 1995 Little Rock, AR 2018
Linda Hassell Wyoming 1995 Little Rock, AR 2018
Bob Heidenreich 1992
Rose Mary Heidenreich 1992
Gil Joyce 1998
Grace Joyce 1998
Frank Kupres Texas 2014
Marie Kupres Texas 2014
Fran Looper Hawaii 1997
Ron Looper Hawaii 1997
Robert Lumbert Hawaii 1997
Robert Lumbert Alaska 2001 Juneau, AK 2001
Robert Lumbert Hawaii 2006
Dennis Lynch Illinois 1999
Sandy Lynch Arkansas 2003
Dot Marshall Utah 1995
Dot Marshall Arkansas 2012
Tom Mosely Alaska 1994 Juneau, AK 1994
Paul Sabol Hawaii 1996
Roger Turczynski North Dakota 1988
Jim Wallace Colorado 2004 Washington, DC 2010
Judy Wallace Colorado 2004 Washington, DC 2010
Kenneth Wilson Hawaii 1993
Kenneth Wilson South Carolina 1993
Kenneth Wilson Oregon 1998
Kenneth Wilson Hawaii 2001
Kenneth Wilson Montana 2002

FHW Members Roger Turczynski and Carl Baranski, first in AVA history to complete 50 States (1987-88)

If you have achieved 50 States, 51 Capitals, or both, and are not listed above (or if details are incorrect or incomplete), please email the webmaster with the missing information: To learn more about or to enroll in the 50 States, 51 Capitals, or any of the other AVA Special Programs, click on the patches above or the following link: The 50 States and 51 Capitals programs are described in the section entitled "Walking the United States."