Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to walk fast? No, walk at your own pace. For a more aerobic walk, you may run or power walk. But feel free to take your time and enjoy the sites. You may find some unique shops along the way or historic museums. Just be sure you complete the trail by the official finish time.

How far do I have to walk and how long does it take? Most events feature a 6.2-mile (10-kilometer) walk. Many events also offer a shorter option (usually 5 Kilometers or 3.1 miles) for those who don't feel they can or don't desire to walk the full 6.2 miles. At a moderate pace, 10K takes most people two hours. If you are a power walker, you will finish in an hour and a half or less.

Can I get double credit for carrying my child? No, your children can have event books and earn event credit while being carried at any age. Distance credit is earned for actually walking the event.

What do you do with the books after you've filled them up? There are specific directions on the back of your books explaining what to do with the completed books. Basically you will send them to the national office and receive back a certificate, a patch and a hatpin.

Where do I get the distance and event record books? These books are sold at almost every scheduled volksmarch event and some YREs. They cost $6 each and can be used worldwide. When first starting out in volksmarching, you may want to purchase an AVA New Walker Packet for $5.00. This includes the first set of Record Books (Event and Distance), plus other benefits. This will allow you to try out the sport without spending a lot of money up front.

Do we walk in the rain? Events are held rain or shine, so walkers are encouraged to come prepared for any kind of reasonable weather.

When do walks start? The start of most events is typically 8 a.m. and walkers may begin anytime thereafter until the cutoff time, typically 1 p.m. Walkers usually have to finish and be off the trail by 4 or 5 p.m. These time requirements may vary. You should either call the point of contact for a walk, check in the brochure for the event, or check to make learn the exact times.

What does it cost? To receive credit in your IVV distance and event books, you must pay $3.00.  Additionally some walks will have some type of award (wineglass, patch, medal, etc) which can be purchased for $3-5 more.

What is a trail rating and what does it mean? In the brochure for each event you will notice it is rated for difficulty.


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