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Welcome to the Atlantic Region

Atlantic Region
June 2018 AVA NEC/BOD Meeting
The AVA NEC/BOD meeting will be held June 8-10, 2018
at the Red Lion Hotel Albany, 205 Wolf Roadclick,
in Albany, NY. Click here to view the current agenda for
this meeting. All volkssporters are invited to attend.

The AT Region Conference was held March 16-18, 2018
More than 200 folks attended. Somehow, the weather was
generally cooperative. I believe most would agree, a
good time was had by all.
The conference Friday evening buffet began with a
competition that required experience with and knowledge
of the IVV and AVA. The competition was conducted by
the conference chairman, Robert Wright, who has
provided a pdf file containing the questions and
answers for this game of TrIVVIal Pursuit.

Director's Toolbox
  A page of helpful SW tools for creating walk directions
  and maps for AVA events, http://nodegreen.com/atrd

Upcoming Traditional Events

Click here for a full page view of the calendar.

Using this Calendar
  • Clicking on an event title displays more information (info) about the event.
  • Notice the event info includes a map link to display the event location in Google Maps.
  • When a calendar entry is an AVA sanctioned event, the event info will typically include a link to event description on the AVA website. Click on "more details>>" to make this link usable.
  • By default, events are displayed below as an agenda; but clicking on the "week" or "month" tabs (right hand corner of the calendar) will display events in a more traditional calendar-like view.
  • This calendar is updated based on AVA sanctioned traditional events in the Atlantic Region: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Including this Calendar in your personal calendar
The calendar ID for the above calendar is atrd4u@gmail.com This is a public Google calendar. If you use Google as your personal calendar, you may "add" this calendar with the result that the atrd4u calendar events will be displayed in your personal calendar. Also any update to the atrd4u calendar will be reflected in your calendar. You may choose to also configure your personal Google calendar to send you email notifications when a change is made in the atrd4u calendar; but this is only recommended if you want to deal with significant numbers of notification emails.

Calendar Event Title Formating
  Event titles generally have the form:
     {Club}-{eventType}-{startTime} {eventName and/or Location}

  • {EventType} Abbreviations:
    • CM - Club Meeting
    • CP - Club Party
    • GB - Group Bike
    • GBG - Group Bike Guided
    • GW - Group Walk
    • GWG - Group Walk Guided
    • GWNS - Group Walk Not AVA Sanctioned
    • PWTE - Pre Walk for a Traditional Event
    • RC - Regional Conference
    • SAM - State Association Meeting
    • SM - Swim
    • TE - Traditional Event
    • TEB - Traditional Event Bike
    • TEG - Traditional Event Guided
    • TEGB - Traditional Event Guided Bike

  • {Club} Abbreviations:
    • AA - Annapolic Amblers
    • APVC - Antietam Pathfinders Volksmarch Club
    • ATRD - Atlantic Region Director
    • BPT - Bad Pennies, The
    • BWC - Baltimore Walking Club
    • CCRR - Chester County Red Rovers
    • COVC - Columbia Volksmarch Club
    • CAVC - Cavalier Volkssporting Club
    • CT - Canterbury Trails
    • CVLF - Cumberland Valley Lead Foot Club
    • FB - Ft Belvoir - DFMWR
    • FHW - Freestate Happy Wanders
    • FSWF - First State Webfooters
    • GGV - Great Greenbelt Volksmarchers, Inc.
    • GSW - Garden State Wanderers
    • GVA - Germanna Volkssport Association
    • GVC - Gator Volksmarsch Club
    • KSVA - Keystone State Volkssport Association
    • LBW - Liberty Bell Wanderers
    • LLV - Lee Lepus Volksverband
    • LWVC - Loudoun Walking & Volkssport Club
    • MVA - Maryland Volkssport Association
    • MVT - Mon Valley Trailblazers
    • NN - Nittany Nomads
    • NVV - Northern Virginia Volksmarchers
    • PAW - Princeton Area Walkers
    • PDP - Penn Dutch Pacers
    • PMW - Penn Mary Walkers
    • PPV - Peninsula Pathfinders of Virginia
    • SRVC - Susquehanna Rovers Volksmarch Clur
    • ST - Steel Turtles
    • SVS - Seneca Valley Sugarloafers
    • TTBUS - Tator Tots Bus
    • USFWF - U.S. Freedom Walk Festival Club
    • VVA - Virginia Volkssport Association
    • VV - Virginia Vagabonds
    • WDW - Wood and Dale Wanderers
    • YWRW - York White Rose Wanderers

Atlantic Region Director
Mike Green 
(845) 781-6801

Updated September 18, 2017